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Backflow Prevention Services In San Diego

As a full-service plumbing contractor, we provide a full range of backflow services.


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Your Local Backflow Prevention Specialists

Backflow preventers are required on all commercial buildings as well as many residential buildings and they must be tested annually. Our team of experts is ready to install, inspect, repair, and replace all types of backflow assemblies. Hometown Plumbing provides affordable backflow prevention services to San Diego, Riverside, and surrounding areas.

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Why is Backflow Prevention Necessary?

Backflow prevention is vital since it saves lives: differences in pressures can cause dirty water to flow backward into clean water plumbing, potentially introducing disease organisms and/or toxic chemicals.

A flow reversed from what is intended can happen in two basic situations:

  • Increased downstream (back) pressure can result from supply pumps, re-circulation pumps, boilers, solar energy systems, and other causes
  • Siphoning (a reduction in supply pressure) can occur when there’s a break in the water main or a high-demand such as during firefighting (other causes also include re-circulation pumps)

Cities like San Diego and Riverside require backflow prevention assemblies to protect public drinking water systems. Requirements are also set forth in the Unified Plumbing code. It sets standards for all connections between potable and potentially non-potable water. Primary and secondary backflow prevention methods for residential and commercial buildings are specified in dozens of documents covering standards, technical guidelines, and testing certifications. Fire ordinances may also require a backflow assembly for sprinklers and other fire suppression systems.

Our team has the expertise and up-to-date knowledge of federal, state, and local codes.

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Backflow Preventers

Backflow prevention assemblies create a physical barrier to flow in the reverse direction in order to stop potentially dangerous flows. The three main types of backflow devices are the following:

  • Reduced-pressure — commonly used on soda fountains, in industrial settings, and in hospitals. This type provides maximum protection.
  • Pressure vacuum-breaker — primarily used to prevent irrigation system back-siphoning in residential as well as commercial plumbing.  Anti-siphon spill-resistant vacuum breakers are also commonly used on restaurant equipment such as ice makers.
  • Double-check valve — provides secondary protection in residential plumbing.  They are also used in conjunction with fire sprinkler systems that don’t use toxic fluids such as antifreeze, and in other low-hazard situations.

Pretty much all types require annual safety inspections, testing, and certification.

Hometown Plumbing Backflow Services

Top Quality Services You Can Count on!

Our backflow assembly experts are ready to meet all your needs, 24 hours a day. Our services include the following:

  • Survey and assess your plumbing system — a good idea ahead of a formal test
  • Install backflow preventers in new and existing construction
  • Service and repairs for all types of devices
  • Replace unrepairable assemblies

Note:  Although a specific permit is not required for new construction, a permit is required to replace a failed device. We can take care of that, too.

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Our services are at the highest standards and we guarantee our workmanship and your satisfaction.  You can always talk directly to a plumber over the phone, and we are always able to disclose any cost-effective options after an on-site assessment.  We can arrive in 60-90 minutes for emergency plumbing services, or you can schedule a same-day visit.

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I would love to appreciate the Hometown Restoration team for their prompt service and quick arrival in a dire moment. My husband and I had a minute leak caused by our dishwasher when we got back from vacation. Gladly, they helped us mobilize the Insurance Company. The team did a great job of getting our house cleaned out and put back together in a timely manner. All their Employees were positive and understanding of our situation and seemed to really care about our needs above all else.

Goodness, gracious! I thought I had written a review in the past, but right now, I feel differently. This is the most effective and spot-on company that my husband and I have ever dealt with. We had an intense leak on our slab, and it caused extensive water damage by nightfall with their dryers, humidifiers, and blowers. They responded to all my probing and helped me pick up your phone calls, our texts, and this is simply amazing. If you have any type of water damage, save yourself the stress, and use this company.

Hometown Restoration was a lifesaver. We had a huge water leak above our kitchen that flooded our downstairs. Hometown quickly came out and helped us get a plan for how to deal with the damages. They packed our belongings into a pod, removed the destroyed cabinets, and dried everything out. They helped coordinate with our plumber and insurance adjuster to make sure everything was handled. I strongly recommend Hometown Restoration if you have water damage in your home.

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